INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2020: Meet Margaret, guide at Dans le Noir? Melbourne restaurant

At the occasion of International Women Day we want to introduce you during the whole week Dans le Noir ? guides from all over the world. Women living in differents countries but who are sharing the same daily life. Women who have made their disability a strength and who highly inspired our concept. his is why this week we put on the spotlight thoses who guide you in the dark. Meet Margaret, guide at Dans le Noir ? Melbourne!

- What does it means to be a (vision impaired/blind) woman in today's society?

Being a totally blind woman certainly has challenges, but I try to make the best of what I have.

One of the biggest problems for me as a woman, totally blind and over fifty, is employment. It is very difficult to convince employers that you are capable and would be an asset to their workplace. I am fortunate to have my job at Dans Le Noir in Melbourne, serving diners in the restaurant and sharing my experiences with them.

Another aspect of life which can be challenging is physical appearance, something I feel today's society can be very judgemental about. When it comes to what I wear, for example, I can decide if I like the texture of a piece of clothing, but I don't know what it looks like on me. I am fortunate to have a couple of family members and friends on whose judgement I can rely in this area.

Something I have noticed increasing in recent years is, in their desire to lend a helping hand, many people will grab hold of a blind person. For women who are blind, this can be very intimidating and sometimes results in confrontation. Asking if help is required and seeking permission before touching will always end in a far more pleasant exchange. 

On the whole, I feel happy with my lot in life. I have a great family, many wonderful friends, I'm improving my health and fitness by going to the gym, I have the best job of my life and my guide dog Scottie by my side wherever I go.

- What women inspire you?

The women who inspire me are those I see excelling in their chosen field of work or sport!

- Which adjective best describes you?

« Resilient »!


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