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Since 2004, Dans le Noir? restaurant has offered all over the world the opportunity to taste gourmet, creative and seasonal cuisine in complete darkness, accompanied and served by unexpected guides. Dinner or lunch in pitch darkness is an original experience that allows us to re-evaluate our perception of taste while reclaiming our senses, to reinvigorate our relationship with the world and others and to experience a surprising encounter with something different.

Dans le Noir ? is an experience available in Melbourne since January 2018. Our team is delight to welcome you at Rydges on Swanston to make you live an unforgettable experience.




Ranked among the best restaurants in Melbourne on Trip Advisor (with a certificate of excellence), Dans le Noir ? at Rydges on Swanston welcomes guests from all over Australia to make them live a unique experience in the dark.


Often ranked among the 10 most original restaurants in the world and one of the best restaurants in Melbourne on TripAdvisor, Dans le Noir ? was among the finalists of the Melbourne Awards 2018 (Community Category) and 2019 (Hospitality Category). Dans le Noir ? carries the social and human values of the city.


Christian Oblak’s gastronomic and creative cuisine is based on the selection of high quality ingredients, especially fresh fruit and vegetable. All our menus are tested and improved through tastings by sensory experts in pitch darkness.


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Tuesday 11 August 2020

Dans le Noir ? Melbourne : The end of a beautiful adventure

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by chanael

After almost three fantastic years, many challenges, an undisputed success, is it with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of Dans le Noir ? Melbourne. Unfortunately, the international crisis and current economic situation no longer allows the project to be sustained in Melbourne.
To pay tribute to this unique and social restaurant, here are some key achievements :
10,500 guests enjoyed this unique experience
13 amazing vision impaired and blind guides were employed
The project was awarded two times: Melbourne Awards Finalist 2018 & 2019
The restaurant was one of the best in the city : Top #10 restaurants in Melbourne on Trip Advisor : Certificate of Excellence 2019, Travellers’ choice 2020
Lots of press articles, learnings, progression, success, gratitude, beautiful encounters, laughters, shifts, sweat, adventures...
Thank you for being part of this amazing project with us🖤
If you have a gift voucher, our local partner Rydges on Swanston will be your contact to organise the refund (you can contact them here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Kindly note that we operate in cities with local partners and therefore vouchers can’t be used in another location.
Should you wish to live this amazing experience elswhere in the world, visit our global website and choose your city www.danslenoir.com🖤

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Thursday 09 April 2020

Quarantine gift ideas : best gift ideas to celebrate a birthday during quarantine.

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by chanael

How to celebrate your birthday during quarantine?

Celebrating a birthday is important and it is not because we are confined home that we cannot celebrate this special day properly! Anniversary of your husband, birthday of your wife, your parents, your grandparents, your childrens, your friends or even your colleagues, make them happy by offering them a unique and original gift during quarantine. Stay at home, spoil your loved ones, we take care of everything from our online shop with a nice selection of gift vouchers.
The top gift to send during quarantine, we tell you why :
  • #staysafe: It’s a good way to still spoil your friends, family and colleagues from home 
  • #quickandeasy: We have a large range of online editable and 36 months validity e-vouchers. 
  • #offersomethingunique: “Dans le Noir ? Melbourne” voucher is a ticket to an amazing dining and unique human experience 
  • #thinkpositive: Offering this voucher to someone you love is also something positive to look forward to when the situation gets back to normal.
  • #solidarity: You make the difference supporting a local business in this challenging time

Dans le Noir ? is an inclusive company that contributes to the employment of people with vision impariment, representing 50% of its employees worldwide. For more than 16 years, the social and innovative enterprise has developed, first in France and then internationally to challenge the senses of its guests with tasting and dining experiences in complete darkness, to promote diversity but also to encourage human encounters!

Visit our online shop: https://melbourne.danslenoir.com/shop/

🖤Thanks for your suppport, take care 🖤

PS: We will be able to extend the validity periods of gift vouchers if your voucher expires during the closing period.

Follow us on social media to be the first to know our re opening date :

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/danslenoirmelb

INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/danslenoirgroup  

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Friday 20 March 2020

COVID-19 INFORMATION : Dans le Noir ? Melbourne is closed until further notice.

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by chanael

Dear Guests & Friends,

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, Dans le Noir ? Melbourne at Rydges on Swanston is taking additional safety measures. The scale of impact is still unknown, and we want to do our part to protect our team members and customers. As of Saturday, March 21st the restaurant in Melbourne will be closed until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding and patience during this time of closing. If you have a reservation in the coming month, our team will be in touch by email. We will be sharing the date of reopening as soon as we know it, so let's stay connected and visit our website and Facebook page.

Our terms & conditions are adapted to this exceptional situation:
- We will be able to extend the validity periods of gift vouchers during the closing period
- We will refund the group deposit made for reservations during the closing period.

We are at your disposal for any questions regarding your reservation by email only : contact us.We would like to thank you for your interest in our experiences and for your support. We can’t wait to welcome you again after this difficult period, to make you live happy moments thanks to our unique experiences. Our e-shop remains open if you want to spoil your loved ones with our electronic gift vouchers with 3 years validity (celebration, birthday …) This will also contribute to support our team.

We encourage our friends everywhere to take the extra precautions necessary to safeguard their health and protect others. For more information about Covid-19, we invite you to consult the official website of the Australian government here.

In the meantime take care of yourself and your loved ones.
See you soon - Dans le Noir ? Melbourne Team


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Saturday 07 March 2020

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2020: Meet Margaret, guide at Dans le Noir? Melbourne restaurant

in Blog

by chanael

At the occasion of International Women Day we want to introduce you during the whole week Dans le Noir ? guides from all over the world. Women living in differents countries but who are sharing the same daily life. Women who have made their disability a strength and who highly inspired our concept. his is why this week we put on the spotlight thoses who guide you in the dark. Meet Margaret, guide at Dans le Noir ? Melbourne!

- What does it means to be a (vision impaired/blind) woman in today's society?

Being a totally blind woman certainly has challenges, but I try to make the best of what I have.

One of the biggest problems for me as a woman, totally blind and over fifty, is employment. It is very difficult to convince employers that you are capable and would be an asset to their workplace. I am fortunate to have my job at Dans Le Noir in Melbourne, serving diners in the restaurant and sharing my experiences with them.

Another aspect of life which can be challenging is physical appearance, something I feel today's society can be very judgemental about. When it comes to what I wear, for example, I can decide if I like the texture of a piece of clothing, but I don't know what it looks like on me. I am fortunate to have a couple of family members and friends on whose judgement I can rely in this area.

Something I have noticed increasing in recent years is, in their desire to lend a helping hand, many people will grab hold of a blind person. For women who are blind, this can be very intimidating and sometimes results in confrontation. Asking if help is required and seeking permission before touching will always end in a far more pleasant exchange. 

On the whole, I feel happy with my lot in life. I have a great family, many wonderful friends, I'm improving my health and fitness by going to the gym, I have the best job of my life and my guide dog Scottie by my side wherever I go.

- What women inspire you?

The women who inspire me are those I see excelling in their chosen field of work or sport!

- Which adjective best describes you?

« Resilient »!


Find more portraits of Dans le Noir ? guides on our LinkedIn page !


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Friday 20 December 2019

Live a unique Valentine's Day in Melbourne

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by chanael

Valentine's day in the dark

This year, valentine’s Day will be very special for the team of Dans le Noir ? Melbourne. It is the day of the Grand Opening of the restaurant in the new venue at Rydges on Swanston. We change the venue but we keep the same concept, the same team and the same unique experience. If you are looking for the best experience in Melbourne to live an unforgettable Valentine’s Day, Dans le Noir ? welcomes you from 6:45pm on February 14th.

“My Funny Valentine” in Melbourne

It not only romantic to eat in complete darkness, it is also a funny moment to share with your partner and use you other senses!

No candles just pitch darkness and the voice of your love along with a unique sensory, social and human experience whilst you are tasting an exquisite three or five courses menu designed by the Head Chef, Christian Oblak.

Anti-Valentine’s Day, you are welcomed too to live this unique experience in Melbourne

If you are not coping with the idea of this special day, you can also come with your friends and enjoy a great moment to share all together. Obviously, the room will be surrounded by a loving atmosphere but the more the merrier as we use to say at Dans le Noir ? at Rydges on Swanston.

Couples of friends?

Why wouldn’t come with your partner and some of old friends couples? It is the best way to celebrate a very romantic journey with your loved ones. We host 12 people on each tables at the restaurant so you have the challenge to bring 5 others couples of friends.


In French we say “je t’aime, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie … » (translation : I love you, a lot, with passion, to the moon and back) Say it with your surprise menus :

  • BEAUCOUP: 3 course meal & 3 matching beverages: $119pp
  • PASSIONNEMENT: 5 course meal & 3 matching beverages: $149pp
  • A LA FOLIE: 5 course meals & 5 matching beverages: $169pp

Finally, as a kind reminder, from the beginning of this amazing adventure, Dans le Noir ? Melbourne welcome their guests in large host tables of 12 people. Valentine’s Day is not an exception, so you will share your table with others lovely couples to live a complete experience in pitch darkness.

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    🇬🇧🍹FRESH MOCKTAIL : Green tea, sparkling water, lemon, lime, mint leaves, sugar, ice. Shake it. Enjoy! 🇫🇷🍹MOCKTAIL FRAICHEUR : Thé vert, eau gazeuse, citron vert & jaune, feuilles de menthe, sucre roux glaçons. Shake it, enjoy! 🇪🇸🍹COCTEL FRESCO: Té verde, agua con gas, limón, lima, hojas de menta, azúcar, hielo. Shake it, enjoy!
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    🇫🇷🍋Feriez-vous la différence dans le noir entre un citron jaune et un citron vert ? 🇪🇸🍋¿Puedes notar la diferencia en la oscuridad total entre un limón y una lima? 🇬🇧🍋Would you tell the difference in pitch black between lemon and lime?
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    🇬🇧Ceviche, avocado, mango, pine nuts, pomegranate, dash of lime. Fresh, simple. 🇫🇷Ceviche, avocat, mangue, pignons, grenade, jus de citron vert. Simple, frais, efficace. 🇪🇸Ceviche, aguacate, mango, piñones, Granada, límon verde. Simple, fresco, eficiente.
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    🍊orange is the new black 🍊no better caption needed.
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